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The Mexican Cartels

By Steven Marcus

For the Mexican cartels; what they do is just their way of life. The often overlooked fact is that their apparent obsession with money and power stems from an already abundant lack of financial and economic stability in their country. It is from this situation that it becomes very enticing for young men who would otherwise live in poverty to join the cartels. It is an easy choice for them as there are not a lot of other options with the same ability to create financial freedom for oneself. Often times this does not end up the case as they are more likely to be killed or arrested then to ever “get out of the game” while still maintaining any level of financial stability.

With the closure of the Florida cocaine trafficking routes the cartels picked up a level of power that they had not experienced before. For these organizations it’s all or nothing, what I mean is they don’t have room to just “share the wealth”, because if they were to then their neighbor may just horde his share and take over the otherwise friendly neighboring cartels. (Macko, 1997)

The cartels quest for power doesn’t stem from some greedy plot as some attempt to speculate, but what it does stem from is the ability to protect its own ( obviously the kingpins, get protected first) and their families. A larger cartel has a better theoretical chance at survival. This was much the idea behind the cartel know as the “Federation”, as it is actually made up of several cartels all working together.(Cook, 20077)

Now don’t get all ahead of me here; I am not defending the cartels violent actions What I am trying to point out is that although we as law abiding citizens may view them as third world violent scum, they are merely people just like you and me, they just have found themselves in a much worse situation.

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